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Outdoor lighting

18W RGB+dual white flood light

Model Number: 18W RGBCCT flood
Voltage: AC100-240V   DC24V
PF: >0.6
CRI: 90(White)
Bear Angle:10,15,25,30,45,60,90 Optional
Material: Al lamp body+stalinite cover+Silica gel
Lifespan: 50000hours

    1.Aluminum die-casting  lamp,high purity aluminum mirror reflector to improve the reflectivity.
    2.Branded chip with high lumen and stable quality.Gree.
    3.Provide solution, high voltage or low voltage is available.
    4.Support DMX,Zigbee,2.4G remote and App control.
    5.5years warranty.



    1.The lighting fixture is ip65 waterproof design, cannot work underwater.
    2.The installation position should be stable enough to bear the weight more than 10 times heavy than the lighting fixture.
    3.The fixture should be installed in a not easy touchable place when the lamp works under high-voltage AC100-240V power supply, with earth wire connected properly.
    4.The lighting fixture must be installed in a place that is ventilated, permeability, and well drained, and the operating temperature should not exceed 45 degrees Celsius.
    5.The power wattage is large, the cable shall be fully loaded and the margin shall be reserved, and the best load current shall be less than 70% of the standard current of the cable.

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