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LED strip


Model Number:DG-DT-002
PCB width:10mm 12mm
LED qty:120pcs/M
Color: white/R/G/B/Y
IP rating:IP20 IP65

    1. High quality SMD light source,with new diffusion materials,structural optimization.
    2.Built in FPCB flexible circuit board.
    3.Soft,easy to bend shape, suitable for -30+60 degrees environment use.
    4.Widely used in buildings, bridges, parks and other indoor and outdoor lighting.
    5.Independent circuit, easy to cut or connect, every 25 or 50mm can be cut, does not affect the use of other parts.

    Using manual



    1.The working voltage of Neon strip is DC 12Vor DC24V, the power supply’s output voltage should be aligned with the Neon light.
    2.Only two flexible LED strips with the same specification and voltage can be connected in series, and the total length cannot exceed the maximum cascade length.
    3.Please shut down the power before cleaning and maintaining. Do not use liquid or corrosive gas detergents to wipe the housing.
    4.The interface must be firm and there is no hidden danger of short circuit. When installing outdoors, each interface must be sealed with glass glue or connected     with a waterproof connector to ensure that no water enters the interface.
    5.Do not try to fix led Neon strip yourself in order to avoid getting an electric shock or other harm. 
    6,Install and fix, do not use iron wire or other metal materials to tightly tie the light belt to prevent the iron wire from falling into the LED soft light belt, causing short   circuit or burning.

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