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LED downlight


Model Number:DG-TD-Y2
Beam Angle:60°

    1.The DC24V rgbcct cob downlight mainly applicable for indoor and outdoor lighting, such as building wall, outdoor advertising, bridge, stage lighting, landscape, courtyard and engineering lighting,controllable by intelligent control system to change colors.
    2.With built-in over-current, overload and short-circuit protection DC24V power supply external or internal power driver, the light fixture can be with good compatibility, wide range of voltage and frequency, strong adaptability to public power grid,applicable to all countries and regions.
    3.The Light shell is made of high-quality  aluminum alloy radiator + die-casting shell and high-strength tempered glass. It has strong appearance, good heat dissipation effect and IP67 waterproof grade.High brightness: adopt brand LED chip as the light source, with high luminous efficiency, long life-span and superior light uniformity.
    4.It‘s weight is very light and very convenient for installation and replacement,  also it is environmental, safety, pollution-free,eco-friendly, energy-saving,flicker free ,meet with CE, ROHS standards.Control system: compatible with DMX512 system, 2.4G    controller system, WiFi, Bluetooth and other control modes.



    1. The working voltage of led panel is DC 24V, AC100V-240V, should be handled and installed by professional electrician.
    2. Please read the instructions carefully and keep the manual for further use.
    3. Please shut down the power before cleaning and maintaining. Do not use liquid or corrosive gas detergents to wipe the housing.
    4. Do not try to fix led panel by yourself in order to avoid getting an electric shock or other harm. 
    5. Please handle it to a qualified maintenance engineer to repair.
    6. Avoid the rain and strong mechanical vibration in the process of transportation.
    7. Under the following circumstances: damaged electric wire or power supply, moisture penetration, drop down or damage the housing and other problems caused     product’s repairing,  please turn off the power     ant contact a qualified repairman.

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