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Review the exhibition

Time:2019-11-02 Views:964
From 27th oct to 30th oct four days HK international lighting fair is finished,in this days we shared the past experience,technique and communicate the LED development trend in the future with the outstanding person.Deguang lighting gain more in this short times,now follow deguang to review the highlights of these four days...
As long ago as several month,we had prepared for the exhibition work,we arrange exhibitions elaborately,check any details carefully scared there is some details leave out,in order to display the good quality and good service to who is participate in the exhibition,use the professional industry knowledge to resolve your doubt...
In this exhibition,deguang show RGB/RGBW/RGBCCT series led panel light to us.At the same time,deguang display their new product IP65 waterproof panel light and sector led circular light to us.Research and development the new product ,improve product quality,to reach win-win situation.
In this small Booth,not only deguang lighting product display place,but also is meeting of communication and collision between industries.
Exhibition ending is only a farewell of the past,the most important is the new start of the led development in the future.Dongguang Deguang will keep go on,use more specialized knowledge to answer your question,use more energy-saving and intelligent product to bring you warm,light the darkness.
DongGuan Deguang lighting thank you very much to everyone’s coming