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A Golden Autumn season , a birthday party held in October

Time:2019-10-24 Views:2063

At this fruitful harvest season in October,our company held a birthday party for all of the company‘s October birthday staffs on 18th from 18:30 to 20:00; It has great meaning to let our friendly staff have the home feeling. let me review our harmonious environment.

First, self-introduction. let strangers can know each other.

During the time, people can enjoy the food, everyone start to Clean Plate Campaign...

During the game, everyone feel realxed and get out of work.
Chorus together, play together, cheers and pray for the happy moment...

The most important is the cake which is and essential necessary for a birthday party. 
Open the outer box of the cake, it appears all the colleagues name that are October birthday, really moving…
Atmosphere suddenly become quite, the staffs form a circle and start to make birthday Wishings. Everyone is together to make the best wishes for the coming year...
Finally, everyone enjoy the cake, eat and drink, and take with each other. 

Here, wish all staffs happy birthday,
Good things are constantly happen,
Happiness is constant going on,
Auspicious is constantly going.